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Press Brake


Press brake, also called bending machine, is a piece of equipment that can bend thin sheets. Its structure mainly includes bracket, workbench and clamping plate. The workbench is placed on the bracket. The workbench consists of foundation and platen. The foundation is composed of base shell, coil and cover. The coil is placed in the sinking part of shell where the top is covered with a cover. When used, the wire will charge the coil to make platen gain gravity and thus realize clamping the thin sheets between platen and foundation. Press brake (bending machine) can be connected to clamping plate through hinge. Due to its electromagnetic clamping, it can bend platens into a variety of workpiece requirements. This bending equipment can also process workpieces that have side walls.


Press brake can be used for bending and forming iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal bending sheet metals. This bending press can also be used as a press machine to finish die forming, pressing rivet, leveling, and so on. According to different applications, our company mainly supplies hydraulic bending machine, CNC bending equipment and tandem bending press.
HB Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of press brakes in China. In addition to this bending equipment, we also provide plate rolling machine, cut-to-length line, leveling machine, shearing machine, etc. Due to our products' high quality, professional service and competitive price, our bending machines are well received by customers all over the world.