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Hydraulic Shearing Machine


Hydraulic shearing machine makes use of movable upper blade, fixed lower blade and reasonable blade gap to apply shearing force to sheet metals of different thickness. The machine employs hydraulically-driven swing beam, the steel plate welded structure and accumulator-based pullback cylinder with steady and reliable operation. It is equipped with lighting alignment device. Our rich industry experience allows HB to offer these hydraulic steel plate shearers in customized specifications so as to meet clients' specific requirements. Further, this hydraulic shearing machine is simple to operate. This hydraulic plate shearing machine comes with most hold-down and shearing capabilities than any other industrial shear machines available in the market.


  • Before empty running test, use the artificial disc car first. After ensuring normal state, operators can start the hydraulic steel plate shearer or hydraulic shearing machine.
  • Check oil in the oil tank is sufficient or not. After starting the oil pump, check whether there are valve or piping leakage. Pressure should be consistent with the requirements. Purge valve should be opened to release the air from the system.


  • The hydraulic steel plate shearer or hydraulic shearing machine should be operated in strict accordance with rules.
  • Before starting the machine, lubricate the machine timely with fixed amount according to the lubrication chart. The oil should be cleaned and free of precipitation.
  • The machine tool of this hydraulic plate shearing machine must always be kept clean and tidy.
  • Change the lubrication oil in the motor bearing frequently. We should also check whether the hydraulic shearing machine's electrical part works normally, safely and reliably or not.
  • Lubricate and clean the hydraulic steel plate shearer ten minutes before getting off work every day.
  • Regularly check the V-belt, handle, knob and button are damaged or not. If it is badly worn, it should be replaced promptly. Besides, we should prepare some spare parts for supplement.
  • Check and repair switches and handle regularly to ensure that its work is reliable.
  • Unauthorized persons are prohibited to operate this machine. It is usually required that the hydraulic shearing machine (hydraulic steel plate shearer) must be stopped as soon as the operator leaves.
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